We come into contact (sometimes conflict) with bad administration far too frequently. In the past, we have either tolerated incompetence, accepted corruption and also taken it for granted that those we elect will ignore our wishes and interests. Now you can do something about the "Rotten" standard of Government and Administration that the United Kingdom now has.

This is not a problem with any particular Political Party. Those that think it is, have short memories.

The ever increasing decision making that is cede to the European Union, is showing up daily, that one size does not fit all when it comes to legislating for 28 Countries with a total population in the region of 508,000,000. Yes, that is over half a billion all deemed to have the same day everyday requirements.

The heart of this web site is a set of Forums enabling the introduction of new topics by APPROVED Posters called 'Journalists' or 'Whistle Blowers'.

All 'Registered Members' can add comment to posts hopefully stimulating 'Reasoned Debate' and spreading awareness of just how bad things have got.

Anyone visiting the forum can read all the posts and reply to comments but must register before being able to post a comment themselves.

If you feel you would like to be a 'Journalist' or a 'Whistle Blower' just fill in the application form and apply. In the meantime, register and join in.

The bad ship Westminster
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Whistle Blowers

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